The Holy Who? Gifts of the Spirit

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This is not a comprehensive list of the gifts of the Spirit.  The following gifts and definitions come from the following passages of Scripture.  These lists are by the same author (Paul) – some gifts appear in multiple lists.

Romans 12:3-8 / I Corinthians 12:8-10, 28 / Ephesians 4:11 / I Corinthians 7:8

Prophecy: unique ability to communicate the heart of God for people or groups.

Service: unique ability to identify and meet unmet needs.

Teaching: ability to communicate in such a way that people want to hear it.

Exhortation: unique gift to uplift people to move ahead and break through.

Giving: unique desire to meet the physical or financial needs of others.

Leadership: ability to rally people together and administrate for a cause.

Mercy: unique gift to show sympathy for people in need.

Wisdom: ability to apply knowledge.

Knowledge: unique understanding about something.

Faith: extraordinary confidence in God.

Healing: unique ability to bring a cure to sickness.

Miracles: ability to demonstrate power through signs and wonders.

Discerning of Spirits: understanding of the true nature of something or someone.

Tongues: communication of prayer, praise or prophecy in other language (earthly & heavenly).

Interpretation of Tongues: translation of gift of tongues.

Apostle: ability to pioneer a work and oversee a work from a far (the ‘office’ of apostle has ceased. The apostles saw the risen Christ and were commissioned by Him).

Helps: special ability to help other people to fulfill their gifting.

Administration: ability to coordinate and get others to work together.

Evangelist: unique ability to communicate the Gospel and people respond to it.

Pastor: unique ability to care for people (shepherd).

Celibacy: supernatural ability to remain single.

Martyrdom: ability to put life on line for the Gospel.

Hospitality: unique ability to make others feel comfortable.

Missionary: unique ability to connect and communicate the Gospel in another culture.

Aaron Stern

Lead Pastor