Gatherings don’t look the same as they used to – schools, the workforce, and society are all completely disrupted, the church is no different. However – the mission of Jesus and of Mill City Church remains the same: Reach people with the life-giving message of the gospel, so they become wholehearted followers of Jesus and join God in the renewal of all things. God designed us to live in community with other people, and we believe God has a plan for us in this season – to meet in homes all across Northern Colorado.


Put simply – we are combining Sunday Gatherings and City Groups and forming many small gatherings. We’ll have House Gatherings for everybody… on-campus at CSU, in-homes with just a few families, in backyards with neighbors, and online for those who are out of town or unable to gather in person.

Here’s some more info about the “what”

  • House Gatherings are real, relatable communities of people desiring connection with God and one another.
  • Groups of people form House Gatherings, and meet in homes or on Zoom, typically on Sunday mornings
  • House Gatherings unite around, and engage with Mill City teaching and worship

It’s often as important to know what we aren’t – so here’s some clarity about what House Gatherings don’t do.

  • Use outside teaching as a substitute for Mill City Teaching: This protects unity, and helps us stay connected as a church family
  • Just provide a “fun” space for people to hang out: We love fun, but seek to also acknowledge and address spiritual needs
  • Receive offering: Though giving to the local church is an essential practice in our formation as the people of God, House Gatherings will not receive money on behalf of Mill City Church or the House Gathering host. Please visit millcitybackup.com/giving for more information on how you can give financially.


House Gatherings come in many shapes. They can look like a group of friends in your dorm, inviting neighbors to your backyard, extended family gathering in your home, the sky is the limit!

At your House Gathering you can expect to tune-in with Mill City worship and teaching as well as meaningful conversation!

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