John + Marie Beck

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For seven years, Marie prayed that Jesus would use her to lead her husband John to Him. John grew up outside of the church, with no faith to call his own. He thought it was only about “rules” and when he went with his family to church, he only went, according to him, out of “obligation” and feeling that was something he needed to do as a father with his family.

Then, one day about five years ago, Marie and her husband John were at their new restaurant Panino’s, with their two young children and some family members, thinking about the future and wondering where they could find a church home.

And it was on that very day, that Pastor Aaron Stern, his wife Jossie, and all their kids, came up and told them about a new church they were starting called Mill City. After meeting Pastor Aaron and his family, John and Marie started going to Mill City. Then one day, during one of the services, John came to know Jesus, and both his, his wife Marie and his kids lives were radically changed.Through coming to Mill City, following Jesus and engaging in community, both John and Marie grew closer to not only themselves, but Jesus as well.

John and Marie Beck both now serve in places of leadership at Mill City. John provides food, from his restaurant Paninos for Mill City’s weekly Connect classes, John and Marie Beck also currently lead a city group for couples and small families on parenting. Their story points ultimately to Jesus, who works not only in our individual walks with Him but in the life-changing relationships we find in community with other believers.

He is good, He is faithful! He is the God of “immeasurably more!”