Dealing with Patterns from the Past

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If we are going to move forward and grow into mature followers of Jesus, we have to look back at the impact of our past on our present. Our family of origin and significant events have massive bearing on the state of our souls and how we experience life and relationships. On Sunday morning, September 9, 2018 I shared this process for dealing with patterns from our past.

See It
Ask God to show you. Complete a genogram to see possible generational patterns. Ask a trusted friend how they experience you. Ask a Christian counselor to help you. Examine any unspoken rules in your family or personal vows you have made.

Name It
Take it from ambiguous and make it specific. To name is not to blame but rather to acknowledge.

Own It
Take responsibility for your present state of being, even if it wasn’t your fault, so you can do something about it like repent, forgive and take action.

Bring It
To those who can help you. God, a good Christian counselor*, a trusted friend, your community. The worst part of pain is going through it alone. Going through it alone will ensure it continues.

Live It
We must develop new ways of living, This doesn’t happen overnight so we are “reparented” in the family of God. We are adopted by God into a spiritual family, therefore we must participate in authentic, life-giving community.

Below are some recommendations for Christian counselors (i.e. professional baggage unpackers) in our area. Not all counselors are the right fit for everyone, so make the effort to find the best fit for you.

For more on this subject you can reference the entire Inseparable series here, or read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Pete Scazerro.

Aaron Stern

Lead Pastor